Vol. 20

Special Lectures

Some Thoughts on Monetary Policy in JapanBen S. Bernanke
Challenges for Monetary Policy in JapanToshihiko Fukui
Structural Reforms and Monetary PolicyKoichi Hamada


Stock Market Reaction to Consolidation of Japanese Large Banks Takeshi Kobayashi
The Analysis of Monetary Policy by the Bank of Japan Takayasu Ito
The MAN-EN Recoinage Fiscal Policy in the Last Days Tokugawa Shogunate Hiroki Suga
Predicting Japanese Real Economic Activity Using the Yield Spread Hidehiro Ikeno
How the Japanese Yen Affects Dollar Peg in East Asian Currencies? Junko Shimizu
The MOF’s Bank Examination System in Japan Eiji Hotori

Book Reviews

Yabushita, S. (Takeda, Y.)
Hoshi, T. and H. Patrick (Okabe, M.)
Horie, Y. (Noma, T.)
Osano, H. (Odagiri, H.)
Ishii, K. and K. Sugiyama (Hotori, E.)