About the JSME

The Japan Society of Monetary Economics (JSME) was organized at the founding conference on June 17th 1943. It is one of the earliest academic societies or associations in economics founded in Japan.


According to The Foundation and Its Early Activities which was published by JSME in 1984 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of its founding, the organization of the JSME [then, the Society of Monetary Economics 1] dates back to a group of people who proposed its founding. The group’s prospectus reads as follows;

  • Researches in the fields of theory and policy of money and finance can achieve their purposes most effectively by comprehensive cooperation of academics with practitioners.
  • Although monetary and financial problems are so urgent these days, it is greatly regrettable for our nation that we do not have any such academic society to live up to our nation’s expectations in this country so far.
  • The most significant characteristic of the Society is the deepened awareness of the need for integration or close cooperation of theory, policy and practice of money and finance.

At the inceptive stage of founding the Society, TOYO KEIZAI INC., a major publisher, went a long way toward establishing it. Mr. Tanzan Ishibashi 2 recalled, in a pamphlet titled “The Birth of the JSME” [or “The Prenatal Episode of the JSME] ,that the Study Group of Monetary Systems, sponsored by TOYO KEIZAI INC. had laid the groundwork for founding.

1.The Society was renamed as the Japan Society of Monetary Economics in November 3rd 1997. 2.He was born in 1884 and became an editor of the TOYO KEIZAI magazine and later Minister of Finance as well as Minister of International Trade and Industry, and finally Prime Minister in 1956.