Vol. 19


The Empirical Analysis on the Fisher Hypothesis in Japan Takayasu Ito
The Branching Activities of Financial Institutions in Aichi Prefecture Kazumine Kondo
The Validity of the Monetary Model to Exchange Rate Determination Takao Fujii
How Useful Are ATMs for Japanese Banks in the Latter 1990s? Kazumine Kondo
Equity Private Placements and the Market Responses in Japan Hiroyuki Aman
Real-Time Gross Settlement and Bank Lending  Takahiro Takeuchi
On the Independence of the People’s Bank of China Fu Run-Min

Book Reviews

Ohya, S. (Akagawa, M.)
Kikuchi, Y. (Fujita, S.)
Otomo, T. (Nakamura, H.)
Mikitani, R. and A. S. Posen (Saito, M.)
Yoshida, S. (Matsumoto, A.)
Shibuya, R. (Ito, M.)