Vol. 22

Special Lectures

Monetary Policy and Central Bank Talk Miyako Suda


Adoption of New Technologies in the Japanese Banking Industry Michiko Miyamoto
Empirical Analysis on Currency Substitution in Mexico
Based on Vector Error Correction Model
Hisao Kumamoto and Masao Kumamoto
Reexamining the Monetary Models of Exchange Rates from Cointegration Analysis Yukio Fukumoto
Housing Purchase and the Demand for Risky Assets Hitoe Ueyama and Keiko Shimono
A Conjectural User-Revenue Model of Financial Firms under Dynamic Uncertainty Tetsushi Homma and Toshiyuki Souma
A role of The U.S. in the International Capital Movements in Late 1990s Junji Tokunaga

Book Reviews

Nishigaki, N. (Uchida, S.)
Sato, T. (Okina, Y.)
Yoshitomi, M. (Katsu, E.)
Abe, E. (Hotori, E.)
Yoji, S. (Kobayashi, J.)
Imuta, T. (Ehiro, A.)
Suto,T. (Kamae, H.)