Chubu Area Study Group

JSME Chubu (Chubu Study Group, Japan Society of Monetary Economics) 2nd Workshop in AY2020

Date and Time︓
14:30 – 17:10 , Sat., Feb. 20, 2021
(with Online Social Gathering, 17:20—18:20)

(Zoom Meeting Room ID and Pass-code will be notified later)

【 Program 】

Session 1 (14:30 ~ 15:35 )
Chair:Akio Takayama (Meijo University)
Subject:“Understanding the Gains from Wage Flexibility in a Currency Union: The Fiscal Policy Connection”
Presenter:Eiji Okano (Nagoya City University)
Discussant:Kunihiro Hanabusa (Kansai University)

General Meeting of Members and Coffee Break 15:35 ~ 16:05

Session 2 (16:05 ~ 17:10 )
Chair:Kazuki Yokoyama (Nagoya City University)
Subject:“How are the International Capital Flows of Rapidly Aging Countries Affected by the Elderly Working Longer?”
Presenter:Kazuyuki Inagaki (Nanzan University)
Discussant:Masahiko Shibamoto (Kobe University)

1 Each presenter and discussant have 35 mins. and 15 mins., respec-tively as long as there are no special instructions from the chair (15 mins are assigned for a response and discussion with an audience).

2 Please prepare foods and drinks as necessary if you join the online social gathering.

Contact : Eiji Okano (Nagoya City University)