2010 Spring Semi-Annual Meeting

May 15, 2010 (Sat)

A1 Panel Session:Monetary History
Institutionalization and Homogenization of Banking in Historical Perspective
Chair Reitaku University Masanori Satoh

From the mutual financing association to ordinary bank: A case of Shiojiri-Bank in Nagano prefecture in the early Meiji eraPresenter Kinki University Kouki Iwaki
The homogenization of ordinary bank and savings bank: A case of Niigata prefecture before the Savings Bank ActPresenter PhD Student The University of Tokyo Daisuke Hayakawa
Institutionalization of Informal finances in ChinaPresenter Reitaku University Yuxiong Chen
Discussant Chiba University of Commerce Hisahiko Saito
Discussant The University of Tokyo Masanao Itoh

B1 Regional Banking in Japan I
Chair University of Tokyo Shin-ichi Fukuda

On the Measurement of Operation Areas and Profitability for Shinkin BanksPresenter Kansai Gaidai University Yasuhiro Horie
Discussant Kinki University Yuichi Abiko
Regional economic impact of the sinkin-bank loans ~Quantative analysis of regional ecnomic power and sinkin-bank loans~Presenter PhD student Ritsumeikan University Kiyotsugu Yoshihara
Discussant Development Bank of Japan Masaharu Hanazaki
The safety of shinkin bank and Z-scorePresenter Takasaki City Universi Kichiro Iwamoto
Waseda University Teruo Mori
Discussant Senshu University Ji Cong

C1 The New Empirical Analyses of Monetary Policy
Chair Sophia University Yosuke Takeda

Optimal Monetary Policy and Preemptive EffectPresenter PhD Student Tohoku University Souichi Arai
Discussant Bank of Japan Yuki Teranishi
Monetary Policy and Firm InvestmentPresenter PhD Student Chuo University Koichi Masuda
Discussant Doshisha University Shin-ichi Kitasaka
On a Comparison of Alternative Specifications of Highly Interest-Elastic Money Demand under a Liquidity Trap in JapanPresenter Konan University Kiyotaka Nakashima
Hitotsubashi University Makoto Saitoh
Discussant Kobe University Masahiko Shibamoto

D1 International Finance I
Chair Chuo University Soko Tanaka

A solution to global imbalance’s :Key role played by china in domestic demand stimulus and financial innovationPresenter Saga University Miao Jinfang
Discussant Oita University Kazuo Toritani
Global Financial Crisis and Financial Stability of the New Member States of the EU― Comparison of Central and Eastern Europe with three Baltic StatesPresenter Kobe University Banincova Eva
Discussant Tohoku Gakuin University Masashi Igakura
Financial Crisis and the Choice of Currency Regime in NEW EU Member CountriesPresenter Senshu University Junko Shimizu
Discussant Musashi University Sanae Ohno

E1 Financial Institutions I
Chair Kobe University Kenya Fujiwara

Determinants of Regional Banks’ Incentives to Acquire Credit Ratings VoluntarilyPresenter Norinchukin Research Instutute Co., Ltd. Itaru Yajima
Discussant Setsunan University Kamon Iwatsubo
Banker’s Overconfidence and Irrational Lending BehaviorPresenter PhD Student Chuo University Kimiyo Kitamura
Discussant Hitotsubashi University Takashi Misumi
Economic Impacts of Herd Behavior in the Japanese Loan MarketPresenter Kansai University Ryuichi Nakagawa
The University of Tokyo Hidekazu Oiwa
The University of Tokyo Fumiko Takeda
Discussant Hosei University Peng Xu

F1 World Finance
Chair Hitotsubashi University Eiji Ogawa

Financial Crisis and Information Transmission Mechanism: Evidence from Overnight Volatility Spillovers between the U.S., Hong Kong, and China’s Stock MarketsPresenter PhD Student University of International Business and Economics Nishimura Yusaku
Discussant Kwanseigakuin University Kenjiro Hirayama
Exchange Rate and Stock Price Interactions in RussiaPresenter Asahikawa University Ono Shigeki
Discussant Toyo University Rika Nakagawa
GDP, GNI, and Income Balance in JapanPresenter Fukushima University Masanori Ono
Discussant Daito Bunka University Kaku Furuya


A2 Panel Session:On Central Bank
Unconventional Monetary Policy under the Global Financial Crisis
Chair Keio University Kazuto Ikeo

Unconventional Monetary Policy: Connectional OverviewPresenter The University of Tokyo Shin-Ichi Fukuda
The Effects of Central Bank Unconventional Policies and Challenges That Lie AheadPresenter Bank of Japan Hiroshi Nakaso
The Movements of the Financial Market Under the Unconventional Monetary PolicyPresenter Totan Research Izuru Kato

B2 Corporate Finance
Chair Keio University Takashi Kaneko

Capital adjustment costs and nonlinear investment.Presenter Hirosaki University Keiichi Shima
Discussant Development Bank of Japan Kenji Tanaka
Foreign Ownership and Corporate Value – Evidence from Panel Structural VAR ModePresenter Cabinet Office Konomi Tonogi
Kobe University Kentaro Iwatsubo
Discussant Senshu University Nobuyuki Teshima
Determinants of the introduction of stock options : Evidence from JapanPresenter
Tokyo Keizai University Yukihiro Yasuda
Tokyo Keizai University Kim Hyonok
PhD Student Tokyo Keizai University Nobuhisa Hasegawa
Discussant Keio University Yukitami Tsuji

C2 International Finance II
Chair Kyushu University Kenji Iwata

Foreign Reserve as Overseas Investment: 
Expecting the change of Key Currency
Presenter The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Junichi Shukuwa
Discussant Chuo University Tadanobu Nemoto
Reconsidering the Sustainability of the U.S. Net External LiabilitiesPresenter Ryukoku University Masaharu Takenaka
Discussant Chuo University Soko Tanaka
International Policy Coordination and the Roles of the IMFPresenter Shobi University Yoshihiko Noguchi
Discussant University of Shizuoka Toshio Koyano

D2 Financial Markets and Corporate Strategy
Chair Hitotsubashi University Takashi Misumi

Study of change in dividend payout ratio and the factorPresenter PhD student Kyushu University Shinya Shinozaki
Discussant The University of Kitakyushu Naohisa Goto
An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Media Coverage on Stock Price Crashes: Evidence from JapanPresenter Konan University Hiroyuki Aman
Discussant Chuo University Eiji Okuyama
Pricing in Japanese Bond MarketPresenter Chuo University Toyoharu Takahashi
Discussant Waseda University Yasuhiro Yonezawa

E2 Asian Economies
Chair Hiroshima University Junji Yano

Capital Flows Analysis for Korea and Thailand – Monthly Data Analysis through Market Consensus, Political Risk and Liquidity IndicesPresenter Financial & Economic Research Center, Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Takayuki Urade
Discussant Kinki University Hidefumi Yamagami
Nonperforming Loans and Public Asset Management Companies in Malaysia and ThailandPresenter Kyoto Sangyo University Masahiro Inoguchi
Discussant Daito Bunka University Hiroshi Gunji
The impact of connected lending on bank risk and performance: Evidence from IndonesiaPresenter Institute of Developing Economies Miki Hamada
Hitotsubashi University Masaru Konishi
Discussant Hiroshima University Masaaki Komatsu

AS Invited speech
Challenges and Efforts in Financial Administration

Speaker Commissioner, Financial Service Agency Katsunori Mikuniya

Business meeting

<18:00~ >
Room 1406

May 16, 2010 (Sun)

A3 <10:00~12:15>

Panel Session: International Finance
Possibility of Creating a Common Currency in Asia
Chair Aichi University Yutaka Kurihara

Financial Cooperation in East Asia and the Path to the Asian Common
Presenter Ministry of Finance Masatsugu Asakawa
Prospects for the Global Economic and Financial System in the 2030s with Introduction of an Asian Common CurrencyPresenter Institute for International Policy Studies Satoshi Shimizutani
The Financial Integration in Asia: Its ProspectsPresenter Bank of Japan Wataru Takahashi
Discussant Hitotsubashi University Eiji Ogawa
Discussant Ryukoku University Testuji Murase

B3 Regional Banking in Japan II
Chair Yokohama City University Qing-yuan Sui

Number of bank relationships of small and medium-sized enterprises-Empirical Analysis in the Chubu region and the Hokuriku regionPresenter PhD Student TOYO UNIVERSITY Eibun Ishikawa
Discussant Kansai Gaidai University Yasuhiro Horie
Technical Efficiency on Regional Banks and Managerial Diversification.
-Non Discretionary DEA.
Presenter PhD Student Aomori Public College Shun Yamamoto
Discussant Ritsumaikan University Kozo Harimaya
The Roles of Relationship Lending and Utilization of Soft Information on Bank and Performance in Competitive Local MarketsPresenter PhD Student, Kobe University Nakaoka Takayoshi
Kobe University Tadanori Yosano
Discussant Nagoya University Nobuyoshi Yamori

C3 Financial Institutions II
Chair Hokkaigakuen University Masayuki Kobayashi

Can a Defined Benefit Corporate Pension Plan Increase Corporate Value?Presenter PhD Student Kyushu University Mitoshi Yamamoto
Discussant Daiwa Institution of Research Yuji Mori
Global financial crisis and systemic risk of major financial institutions: Evidence from credit default swapsPresenter Musashi University Sanae Ohno
Discussant Waseda University Yasuhiro Yonezawa
Financial Reregulation and Its Influence on the Securitization Market in JapanPresenter Yokohama National University Masahiko Takahashi
Discussant Rikkyo University Toru Kitahara

D3 Money and Prices
Chair Kwanseigakuin University Atsushi Tanaka

The Effect of Absorption of Government Bonds by Banks and National Investment and Loan on Money-StockPresenterPhD. Student Chuo University Masashi Chikahiro
Discussant Dokkyo University Yoshihiko Saito
Is there any interrelation among industrial corporate good prices?Presenter Tokai University Yoshikazu Ishimori
Discussant Kyoto Sangyo University Akira Terai
Regional inflation (price) behaviors: heterogeneity and convergencePresenter University of Tsukuba Jun Nagayasu
Discussant Hitotsubashi University Etsuro Shioji

E3 English Session
Chair Hitotsubashi University Hidenobu Okuda

Exchange Rate Movements And Foreign Direct Investment (Fdi): Evidence From Japanese Investment In Asia, 1987-2008Presenter Ph D student, Osaka University Shi Zongying
Osaka University Shinji Takagi
Discussant Toyo University Kentaro Kawasaki
What Drives the Time-Series and Cross-Sectional Variations in Bank Capital RatiosPresenter Hitotsubashi University Chen Sichong
Discussant Tokyo Keizai University Yukihiro Yasuda
Negative Impacts of Capital Injection Policies on the Capital CrunchPresenter Hitotsubashi University Osada Takeshi
Discussant Chuo University Satoshi Koibuchi

A4 Corporate Finance after the World Financial Crisis
Chair Nagoya University Nobuyoshi Yamori

Relationship between SMEs and financial institutions: Development after the financial crisisPresenter Hitotsubashi University I-ichiro Uesugi
Corporate Finance of Large Japanese Firms: Past, Present and FuturePresenter Waseda University Shin-Ichi Hirota
Regulatory Responses to Financial Crises and Their Impacts on Corporate FinancePresenter Bank of Japan Arito Ono
Financial System and Banking Business after the CrisisPresenter Development Bank of Japan Masaharu Hanazaki
Program committee

Kazuto Ikeo (Keio University) Kenji Iwata(Kyushu University) Eiji Ogawa(Hitotsubashi University)
Hidenobu Okuda(Hitotsubashi University)  Eiji Okuyama(Chuo University)   Takashi Kaneko(Keio University)
Yutaka Kurihara(Aichi University) Yoshihiro Kuroki(Chuo University) Masayuki Kobayashi(Hokkaigakuen University)
Qing-yuan Sui(Yokohama City University) Toyoharu Takahashi(Chuo University) Yosuke Takada(Sophia University)
Atsushi Tanaka(Kwanseigakuin University) Soko Tanaka(Chuo University) Tadanobu Nemoto(Chuo University)
Sin-Ichi Fukuda(The University Of Tokyo) Kenya Fujiwara8Kobe University) Takashi Misumi(Hitotsubashi University)
Kazuhiko Yago(Tokyo Metropolitan University) Jun-Ji Yano(Hiroshima University)