Review of Monetary and Financial Studies (RMFS)

The RMFS, an official Journal of the Japan Society of Monetary Economics, is published twice a year and carries papers accepted upon review by referees.

  • A. Tables of contents of past issues
  • B. To submit papers
    Authors of submitted papers are requested to observe the following rules:
  • C. Rules for submission
    • 1.The Journal accepts papers relating to research into theories and policies of monetary economics, in accordance with the objectives of the Japan Society of Monetary Economics. More specifically, papers in the following areas are acceptable: money, financial transaction, monetary policy, money markets, financial institutions, financial industries, corporate finance, and international finance. Papers may be submitted by anyone; however, authors who are not members of the Society are required to pay TEN THOUSAND Japanese yen (10,000 Japanese yen) as a submission fee. Please contact the Secretariat of the Society for more details.
    • 2.Papers must be written in either Japanese or English, not previously published and should be submitted to Masaya Sakuragawa, the Editor, either in the form of E-mail attachments or as four hard copies (postal address: Masaya Sakuragawa, Faculty of Economics, Keio University, 2-15-45 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345, JAPAN). The preferred file format for electronic submission is MS-Word; papers produced by other types of software must be converted to PDF files and sent as E-mail attachments. Each paper must be divided into two files: one file for the first (front) page of the paper and another file for the remainder of the paper, starting from Page 2, each file containing the information detailed respectively below. Please note that submitted papers, whether accepted or not, will not be returned to the authors.
    • Writing instructions:
      The paper must be typewritten (PC/word processor-produced), on one side of the paper only, in a horizontal format (left to right) even for Japanese text, in A4 size.
      Papers should not exceed 30 pages.
      A shorter paper may be about 10 pages long (including title page, text, notes, tables, figures and bibliography).
      Japanese text must have 40 characters per line, 30 lines per page; English text, 30 lines per page in 11 - 12 point font size.
      The first page of the paper must contain the title of the paper, the name of the author(s), author affiliation and contact address (postal address, telephone and fax numbers and E-mail address), and acknowledgements.
      For papers by two or more authors, one author responsible for communication must be indicated. The author’s name, affiliation, contact address and acknowledgements must not appear on pages other than the first page.
      For electronic submission, the first page and the rest of the paper must be submitted in two separate files. The second page of the paper must contain the title of the paper in Japanese and English and an abstract in Japanese (200 Japanese characters) and English (about 80 words).
      The text of the paper must start on Page 3.
      The text should be divided into chapters and sections (if necessary), indicated as follows:


      Figures and tables must be given separate serial numbers in Arabic numerals, and have titles.
      Fig. 1 Effects of financial policies
      Table 1 Circulation of funds
      Bibliography or reference list should be provided at the end of the paper. Footnoted parts of the text should be given serial numbers that appear at the upper right-hand side of the relevant text (as power series would appear).
      Capie, F., C. Goodhart, S. Fischer, and N. Schnadt (1994) The Future of Central Banking: The Tercentenary Symposium of the Bank of England, Cambridge University Press. Diamond, D. W. (1984) “Financial Intermediation and Delegated Monitoring,” Review of Economic Studies, Vol.51, No.3, pp.36-54.
      Authors of accepted papers will be required to submit the final version of their papers in the form of an electronic file.
    • 4. Acceptance or rejection of submitted papers will be determined by the Editorial Board, on the basis of reviews by referees commissioned by the Board. The Board’s decision will be immediately communicated to the authors upon finalization. Please note, however, that the referees will remain anonymous and that inquiries regarding details of the reviews will not be accepted.
    • 5. The accepted authors may proofread only the first proof, without modifying the text, in principle.
    • 6. Twenty complimentary copies of offprints are provided to accepted authors; any additional copies may be ordered at cost.