Monetary History Study Group

Monetary History Study Group on March 30, 2019

Date:March 30, 2019, 13:30 – 17:00

Venue:Waseda University, Waseda Campus (Room #701, Building #3)

1. Kenichi Hirayama (Tokio Marine Asset Management Co.,Ltd.)
“Bank of Japan’s JGB Operations after 1936 – The Transaction with Repurchase Agreements and Outright Purchases”

2. Siu Man-Han (Adjunct lecturer, Osaka University of Economics)
Banking between Hong Kong and Mainland China(1945-2018): the development of mainland banks in Hong Kong”

3. Kazuhiko Yago (Waseda University)
“Recent Studies in Chinese and Korean Financial History: referring to the works by Tomoko Shiroyama and Lee Myunghwi”