Vol. 15

Special Paper

Unresolved Issues in the New BOJ Law Ryoichi Mikitani

Special Lectures

Central Bank Independence and Monetary Policy Jacob A. Frenkel

Survey Paper

Empirical Studies on the Structure of Costs in Banking Industry Keiichi Hori


Corporate Finance and the “Dual Cycle” of Loans for Small and Large Firms in Japan Hirofumi Uchida
On the Hollowing out of the Japanese Security Markets Nobuyoshi Yamori
Did the Major EMS Countries Import Disinflationary Reputation from Germany? Eiji Ogawa
The Development of the American Check Payments System in the Late Nineteenth Century
Ken Kawai

Book Reviews

Kawamoto, A. (Hiraoka, K.)
Ito, O. (Miyajima, H.)
Gotoh, S. (Saijo, N.)
Tatebe, M. (Kitahara, T.)
Shimano, T. (Izawa, H.)
Fukuda, S. (Shimizu, Y.)
Takeuchi, H. (Moriyama, A.)
Sudo, I. (Kobayashi, M.)