Special Issue

Why Financial Crises Occur?
― Frontiers of Monetary and Financial Studies

Chapter 1  Bubbles and Financial CrisesMasaya Sakuragawa
Chapter 2  Liquidity and Financial CrisesHidehiko Ishihara
Chapter 3  Financial Crises in Historical PerspectiveMasanao Itoh
Chapter 4  Banking Regulation before and after the 2007-09 Financial CrisisKazuhito Ikeo
Chapter 5  Financial Crises, Bubbles, and Behavioral FinanceYoshiro Tsutsui
Chapter 6  Small-Business and Regional Finance under the Financial CrisisNobuyoshi Yamori
Chapter 7  The U.S. Economy and the Financial CrisisYoichi Kawanami and Toshiki Jinushi
Chapter 8  The Financial Crisis and Global ImbalancesShin-ichi Fukuda and Yoichi Matsubayashi
Chapter 9  The Financial Crisis and the European EconomiesEiji Ogawa