Chubu Area Study Group

Chubu Area Study Group on February 17, 2017 Call for Participation

The second seminar, 2016 will be held on March 4 providing 3 reports presentation at Nagaya City University. Every member of Japan Society of Monetary Economics would be welcome to attend this meeting.

DATE:March 4, 2017 (13:30 – 17:20 )
VENUE:Large Meeting Room, 1st floor, No. 3 Building, Economics Department, Nagoya City UniversityACCESS: Minutes Walk from Sakurayama Station, Sakuradori Line, Nagoya Subway

1 The Liquidity Supply and Term Structure of Interest Rates under the non-Traditional Monetary Policy ( 13:30 – 14:35 )
Speaker:Hanabusa, Kunihiro, Chukyo University
Discussant:Kurihara, Yutaka, Aichi University
Moderator:UCHIDA, Shigeru, Aichi Gakuin University

2 Bank Risk-taking and the Board of Directors Role: Evidence from Japan
(with Naoki Watanabel) ( 14:40 – 15:45 )
Speaker:Sakawa, Hideaki, Nagoya City University
Discussant:Tomimura, Kei, Aichi University
Moderator:Mizuno, Nobuaki, Aichi Gakuin University

Intermission: Group General Assembly and Coffee Break  15:45 ~ 16:15

3 Some Comments on the Recent Monetary Policy of the Bank of Japan ( 16:15 – 17:20 )
Speaker:Yokoyama, Akio, Ex-Director General, Bank Supervision Department, The Bank of Japan: Ex-President, The Gifu Bank
Discussant:Mizutani, Kenji, Nagoya University
Moderator:Kanai, Yuichi, Nagoya Women’s University

Reception  17:35 – 19:00
Sakura Side Terrace, 1st flow, Nagoya City Univ, Hospital Building

For more information, please make contact with Prof. Uchida, Aichi Gakuin